Friday, 31st January 2014

7 pm

Venue: Wadham Lodge, E17

Bombay Supper Club

Bombay (Mumbai now) is a fantastic melting pot of people from all over India. Over the years, people have brought with them their cuisines, and it is this amalgamation that is truly this City’s food. We’re serving a few favourites from this wide spectrum of flavours.


Ragda Patties (v) – Bombay

Potato patty topped with ragda (Dried peas cooked with spices to form a sauce) onions, fresh coriander, crispy sev with sweet and spicy chutneys.

Wada (v) – South India

A South Indian fried snack of ground lentils with a hint of chilli. Served with a traditional fresh coconut chutney.

Samosa (v) – Punjab

Lightly spiced potato and pea samosas served with a coriander chutney that has a kick to it.

Main course

Kheema Pav – Bombay

Mutton Mince slowly cooked with spices and onions in its own juices served with pav (baps).


Pav Bhaji (v) – Bombay

This quintessentially Bombay dish is proper street food! Bhaji or veg served with crispy buttered pav (bap)


Mutton Dhansak – Parsi

Without a doubt one of the most popular Parsi dishes known. Essentially a mix of lentils, veg and meat slow cooked with spices…. what’s not to like!


Sai Bhaji (v) – Sindh (Part of Pakistan now)

Classic Sindhi comfort food made with lentils and veg. One of the key ingredients is Dill.


Kadhi (v) – Gujarat

Every part of India has its own version of kadhi (buttermilk is the key ingredient). This one is from the Gujarati community, its sweet spicy and has the tang from buttermilk.

Koshimbir (v) – Maharashtra

Chopped carrots and coriander salad.

Served with:

Baps and Basmati Rice



This is a traditional Goan dessert made at Christmas by the Christian population. The cake is made with freshly grated coconut and semolina.


This menu may contain nuts

£24.00 per person

We encourage communal seating. If, however you do need a separate table we shall try to accommodate.

Please Note : This is NOT a BYOB event. However, there is a very reasonably priced bar at the venue.

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