Friday, 31st October 2014

7 pm

Venue: Wadham Lodge, E17

Diwali Supper Club

Diwali is that time of the year when you put your best foot forward!

The food cooked over the five days of Diwali is now a mix of tradition and changing times.

So here are some dishes that we enjoy over this festive period that reflect mainly the cooking of the North of India.


Bread Bhajiya (v)

Spiced batter fried bread.

# A fried breakfast that is a must have Diwali treat.

Aaloo Mutter Samosa served with Hari (Green) Chutney (v)

Lightly spiced potato and pea samosas served with a coriander chutney that has a kick to it.

# An afternoon snack enjoyed with piping hot tea.

Sev Puri (v)

A Bombay chaat favourite made with crisp papdis and topped with potatoes, onions, fresh coriander, 3 chutneys and a sprinkling of sev.

# An evening snack.


Main course

Bhune Pyaaz ka Gosht

Caramelized onions slow cooked with mutton and spices.


Subzi Miloni (v)

An array of vegetables cooked with a subtle blend of spices and nuts.


Makhni Chicken

Tandoori style Chicken in a creamy tomato and cashew nut based sauce.


Khatte Chane (v)

Traditional style chickpeas slow cooked with ginger, spices and mango powder for sourness.



Palak Khajoor Raita (v)

Yoghurt with spinach and dates.

Rassam Wada (v)

One of my Mum’s signature dishes cooked on Dhanteras (1st day of Diwali).

Rassam – lentils cooked with tomato, tamarind and spices, tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Wada – Deep fried ground lentils.

Served with:

Basmati Rice


Gur Shakkar ka Halwa

Traditional semolina dessert that is often served as a breakfast accompaniment in the north of India. Gur is unrefined cane sugar that adds a rich molasses kind of flavour.


This menu may contain nuts

£25.00 per person

We encourage communal seating. If, however you do need a separate table we shall try to accommodate.

Please Note : This is NOT a BYOB event. However, there is a very reasonably priced bar at the venue.

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