Friday, 27th June 2014

7 pm

Venue: Wadham Lodge, E17

Bombay to Goa Supper Club

A culinary road trip from Bombay to Goa, showcasing local classics from the Western Ghats.



Ragda Patties (v) – Bombay

Potato patty topped with ragda (Dried white peas cooked with spices to form a sauce) onions, fresh coriander, crispy sev with sweet and spicy chutneys.

Sev Puri (v) – Bombay

A Bombay chaat favourite made with crisp papdis Topped with potatoes, onions, fresh coriander, 3 chutneys and a sprinkling of sev.

Main course

Tambda Rassa – Kolhapur

Mutton on the bone stewed in a red (Tambda) curry consisting of spices onions tomatoes and fiery red chillies (toned down). Traditionally it is served in two bowls, meat in one and soupy curry in the other.


Tomato Saar (v) – Kolhapur

Tangy tomatoes pureed with ginger and tempered with mustard seeds cumin and chillies.


Sukka Chicken – Belgaum

Chicken cooked with dry roasted spices onion tomato and dry coconut. Sukka literally means dry! (Usualy made with mutton on the bone).


Veg Kolhapuri (v) – Kolhapur

Mixed vegetables slow cooked in a mix of spices along with poppy seeds and dry coconut.


Pandhra Rassa – Kolhapur

This is a mild soup made with coconut milk and a hint of spice. It is always served alongside the Tambda (red) Rassa to tone down the spice levels. Pandhra means white in Marathi the language spoken in the state of Maharashtra.


Koshimbir (v)

Chopped onion tomato and coriander salad.

Amti (v) – Sawantwadi

Yellow dal tempered with mustard seeds. Wonderfully light and a perfect accompaniment.

Chapatis and Basmati Rice



This is a traditional Goan dessert made at Christmas by the Christian population. The cake is made with freshly grated coconut and semolina.


This menu may contain nuts

£25.00 per person

We encourage communal seating. If, however you do need a separate table we shall try to accommodate.

Please Note : This is NOT a BYOB event. However, there is a very reasonably priced bar at the venue.

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