Sunday 2nd June 2013

7 pm

Venue: The Village, E17


Aaloo Mutter Ke Samose served with Hari Chutney

Lightly spiced potato and pea samosas served with a coriander chutney that has a kick to it

Main course

Rajasthani Laal Maas

Slow cooked mutton that has been marinated in yoghurt and chillies overnight. This is a traditional dish from Rajasthan that is meant to be fiery red in both colour and flavour.


Kashmiri Aaloo Dum (V)

Deep fried baby potatoes cooked traditionally with yoghurt and chillies

Served with:

Panchmel Daal

A mixture of five lentils cooked with spices. Each family has its own recipe that is distinctly different.

Khajoor Palak Raita

Yoghurt with spinach and dates

Puris and Rice


Gajar ka Halwa

Traditional dessert from the north of India. A sinful way to get one of your five a day.

This menu contains nuts

£19.25 per person | Click here to book

We encourage communal seating. If, however you do need a separate table we shall try to accommodate.